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Halo Son [userpic]
Another Tim/Kon music vid
by Halo Son (trunks_angel)
at August 14th, 2006 (09:49 pm)

current mood: accomplished
current song: The Stars Shine In The Sky Tonight ~ Eels

Fandom: DC Comics
Title: The Stars Shine
Music: The Stars Shine In The Sky Tonight by Eels
Vidder: trunks_angel
Character/s: Tim and Kon-El/Robin and Superboy
Summary: The stars always make Tim think of him.
Format: WMV
Size: 14.59 MB
Notes: This is totally karaden's fault! She sent me the song earlier and it made me cry and it made me want to do a music vid, so I did.

Download Here

the zombies are a metaphor [userpic]
vindicated (the Robin Thing) - a Robins vid
by the zombies are a metaphor (_audrey)
at July 16th, 2006 (02:05 am)

Fandom: DC Comics (Batverse)
Title: vindicated (the Robin Thing)
Music: by Dashboard Confessional
Vidder: Audrey
Character/s: Dick, Jason, Tim & Steph (Robins I - IV) & Batman.
Summary: Tim's relationship with Robin has always been ...complicated.
Format: WMV
Size: 7.12 MB

Link: Could have alternatively been titled 'Tim is a giant woobie-head'.

Halo Son [userpic]
All About Us
by Halo Son (trunks_angel)
at July 10th, 2006 (11:02 pm)

current mood: calm
current song: All About Us ~ Tatu

Hey look at this! A vid that's *not* by me for once, hehe! This is a vid that was made by thisissirius and both chameleongirl79 and I are rec'ing it because it's an *amazing* music vid and we absolutely love it - everyone needs to watch it, now!!! *flail*

Fandom: Batman Beyond (Return of the Joker)
Title: All About Us
Music: All About Us by Tatu
Vidder: thisissirius
Character/s: All those in Batman Beyond (and Return of the Joker)
Summary: It will *always* be about them.
Format: WMV
Size: 7.81 MB

Download Here

Halo Son [userpic]
A League Of Their Own
by Halo Son (trunks_angel)
at July 10th, 2006 (09:21 pm)

current mood: curious
current song: Forever Young ~ The Pretenders

Ooooooo boy! You won't be able to stop me now!!!

Fandom: DC Comics
Title: A League Of Their Own - A Young Justice Story
Music: Forever Young by The Pretenders
Vidder: trunks_angel
Character/s: Young Justice
Summary: A look back on Young Justice and their finest, funniest and most memorable moments.
Format: WMV
Size: 27.32 MB

Download Here

Amarin Rose [userpic]
Toon Titans Vids by Siren
by Amarin Rose (amarin_rose)
at July 10th, 2006 (06:56 am)

current mood: awake
current song: Alice Cooper - Pessi-Mystic

Since her vids aren't really recced anywhere, I thought I'd be the first! :) Siren makes vids in several fandoms, but she's very prolific in the animated Teen Titans fandoms. You can find her TT vids here. I'm especially fond of her Beast Boy/Terra vids Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough and The Reason.

Halo Son [userpic]
Cry - A Tim/Kon Song
by Halo Son (trunks_angel)
at July 9th, 2006 (05:41 pm)

current mood: creative
current song: Cry ~ James Blunt

Wow! I made *another* one! I'm on a roll! *dances* There is a spoiler warning for this vid.

Fandom: DC Comics
Title: Cry
Music: Cry by James Blunt
Vidder: trunks_angel
Character/s: Tim Drake and Kon-El/Robin III and Superboy
Summary: Post-Crisis. Tim looks back on his time with Kon-El, finding it almost impossible to cope without him.
Format: WMV
Size: 14.64 MB

SPOILERS: I used some panels from Teen Titans #37

Download Here

Halo Son [userpic]
by Halo Son (trunks_angel)
at July 9th, 2006 (01:06 am)

current mood: nervous
current song: Dad ~ K's Choice

Hi everyone! This vid is my *first* one EVER, so please be gentle with me? *whimpers* I'm still getting used to making music vids!

Fandom: DC Comics
Title: Dad
Music: Dad by K's Choice
Vidder: trunks_angel
Character/s: Kal-El and Kon-El/Superman and Superboy
Summary: Kon-El has a dad and it's not Lex Luthor.
Format: WMV
Size: 10.0 MB

Download Here

the zombies are a metaphor [userpic]
100 years - a Bart Allen vid
by the zombies are a metaphor (_audrey)
at July 9th, 2006 (02:19 am)

Fandom: DC Comics (Impulse & YJ)
Title: 100 years
Music: by Five For Fighting
Vidder: Audrey
Character/s: Bart Allen (Impulse, Kid Flash II) & others.
Summary: Bart has had to grow up fast.
Format: WMV
Size: 13.7MB

Link: 100 years to live

As a note: I've used panels from the first issue of Flash - The Fastest Man Alive (a.k.a. the latest series), so if you haven't read it and don't want to be spoiled, please refrain from watching the vid.

Also, be warned for some violent content.

(Oh, and I should probably point out that this is my first vid *ever*. So make of that what you will.)

the zombies are a metaphor [userpic]
by the zombies are a metaphor (_audrey)
at July 5th, 2006 (11:47 pm)

current mood: cheerful
current song: pretty good year - tori amos

Hi all, and welcome to comics_vids. I'll be doing some pimping of the community around about in the next few days, so apologies in advance for any annoyance that may be caused.

Well. Now that's out of the way, here's my first batch of recs:

Cut, because it got kind of long.Collapse )


And that's it, for now. I know my preferences may seem a little ...skewed towards the one direction, but these are literally all of the comics vids I have on my hard drive at the moment and besides, Mary is just that prolific and awesome.

I'm always on the lookout for new coolsome vids, so if you've seen one that I haven't included here, please drop me a line at _audrey @ livejournal.com, or post your own recs to the community.


EDIT: Fixed the broken 'Business' link.

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